Certified English – German Translator

We specialize in copywriting, translating, optimizing and proofreading English and German CVs / resumes, cover letter, letter of motivation, Xing and LinkedIn profiles.

German CVs are more personal and differentiate highly in the structure compared to CVs from the US or the UK. All translation and copywriting services are done by German native-speakers who are also certified English translators. If you are interested in working in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and build a business network, you should make use of LinkedIn’s multilingual option and create a German version of your profile. We make sure to use the right keywords in German to increase your Xing or LinkedIn ranking.


Our Services:

Resume / CV Translation: English into German

A CV or Resume (German: Lebenslauf) is the first and most important decision criterion, when applying for a position in a German-speaking country. A good CV is a door opener and should be treated like one. A simple translation from English into German is often not enough to be spot-on. German CVs are structural and contentual different from English CVs. Hence, EKM offers a CV copywriting service that takes care of all of the little things to get you through the door.

Cover Letter Translation: English into German

A matching cover letter (German: Anschreiben) is always required when applying in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. A CV tells the company who you are but a cover letter tells the company why you are the right person for the job and why you want this job. EKM offers translation services for English – German cover letter translations as well as copywriting services for individual cover letters.

Xing Profile German Translation

Most people refer to Xing.com as the “German LinkedIn”. However, Xing is more popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland than its international brother. Xing is available in English or German, it is not yet possible to create a multilingual profile with Xing. Therefore, it is recommend to creat a profile in German (headhunters and recruiters search via Xing in German) and use the English language option to navigate if your German is not (yet) sufficient.

This service includes:​

  • Creation / optimization of your Xing profile in German
  • Individual and catchy Xing profile slogan
  • Translation of your individual carrer steps
  • Revising your photos
  • Creating three individual pictures for the Xing Portfolio
  • Matching skills & expertise for the “I offer” / “I am looking for” part
  • Suggesting groups that correspond to your profile

 LinkedIn Profile German Translation

LinkedIn® has the option to creat a multilingual profile and you should make the most of it. A second language option will increase your LinkedIn reach. A German LinkedIn profile will not only get you more hits from recruiters from German-speaking countries but it will also show that you are open-minded and aware of language differences.

This service includes:​

  • Creation / optimization of your LinkedIn profile in German
  • Copywriting of your profile headline, summary and every career stage to enhance your personal branding online
  • Finding skills that match your profile for your endorsements
  • Adding company links and other multimedia links, as well as a background picture
  • Suggesting groups that correspond to your profile

For more information or individual quotes for German translations for CVs, Cover Letter, Xing or LinkedIn Profiles:

Email us at: info@cvbranding.de